New opportunities mean timely, accurate and innovative thinking is more important than ever. Buying an online digital display campaign can be a time consuming and confusing process. Thatís why Digital Conversion are experts in dealing with all aspects of the digital advertising:


Display formats allow you to be engaging, relevant and behavioural altering. This is push marketing. It stimulates a desire the viewer did not know they had until they saw your message. To maximise this desire all campaigns are based around Engagement Focused Planning. In simple terms, the right message, to the right people at the right time.

We also work back to front - we see the end before we even consider the beginning. The first step we will take you through is establishing the key point indicators for campaign success. By establishing up front the objectives for the campaign, we can channel all our effort towards achieving the end goal.


With no rate cards, audit pool or standard measurement system online buying can be a very expensive arena to learn what NOT to do. Digital Conversion has been buying in this space for 5 years and we know all the tricks to get best prices from the media owners. Equally important we know what media options deliver rather than go with which option has the best sales team!


Still the biggest benefit of online marketing is the accountability the media option offers. Most clients now run with a site analytics package but surprising large amounts donít monitor their digital advertising via a third party cookie solution. Digital Conversion manages all campaigns via Atlas DMT. This type of tracking assigns visitors journeys back to the media option which delivered them to the site. This insight associates conversions back to the media option and creative size which initiate the process. This means campaigns can then be optimised accordingly and informed choices can be apply to both media and creative budgets. Tracking can lead to the "grains of gold" being discovered and itís surprising how clientís budgets grow when they discover routes which are proven to make them money!

All credible tracking solutions come with a minimum monthly spend level. This can act as a barrier to entry for agencies with only a small amount of digital clients. Digital Conversion offers a "pay as you go" trafficking solution. Use us when you need us and only pay when you do.

This offering is separate to our planning and buying service and is open to agencies who only want help with trafficking.

Post Campaign Reporting

The digital environment is a very fluid and constantly changing landscape. Media options and creative format performance can change monthly. All campaigns are monitored throughout their active period and a detail post campaign report is presented at the end of the campaign. This report looks at conversion by media option and creative size and details learningís and recommendations for future campaigns.

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